How To Know Your Right Bra Measurements

It’s no news that many women do not know their correct bra measurements. In my other post here, I discussed about the first step to take when choosing a bra. In this post I’m going to talk about the second step which is knowing your bra measurement.
Some ladies have complained of bruises, scars and back pain because of wearing the wrong bra size. It has also been discovered that wearing the wrong bra size can cause sagging boobs (yeah, you read that right).
How To Know Your Bra Size
So what’s the first thing to do when you want to know your right measurement?
• The first thing you need to do is, stand erect (it’s advisable to stand in front of a mirror, to make sure you’re not bending in anyway because it can affect the measurement and it’s best to do it without a bra or a bra that is not padded). Take a measuring tape and wrap it around your rib cage (just underneath your breast). Then take down the measurements. If it an even number let’s say Miss J’s measurement is 26 add four to it, which will give you 30 and that is her band size. If it’s an odd number let’s say Miss B’s band measurement is 29 add 5 which will give you 34 and that’s how to get the band measurement. 
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• The second step is measuring your bust.  To measure your bust, it is advisable to bend slightly downwards and wrap the measuring tape around your nipples which is the fullest part of the breast. Let’s say the measurement of Miss J’s boobs is 31 while Miss B’s boobs is 37.
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• To know your cup size, you need to subtract your breast measurement from your band measurement. If the difference is 1 the person is a cup A,  2 = cup B,  3 = cup C, 4 = cup D,  5 = Cup DD, 6 = cup DDD. For Miss J, 31-30 = 1, so her cup size is Cup A. For Miss B, 37-34 = 3, her cup size is C.
This means that, Miss J’s bra size is 30A while Miss B’s bra size is 34C.
Sister Size
Sometimes we love a particular bra but don’t seem to see the one for our bra size. If you’re in this situation, there’s something called sister size. Some bras are not your bra size but can still do a very good job though it won’t be as perfect as your real bra size. I know you’re wondering how to go about it, well say no more.
Sister sizing refers to all cup size with the same volume but different band length. Volume is to the amount of breast tissues a cup can hold. If you increase a band size and you need to decrease a cup size for the equivalent cup volume. For example, a sister size for 30A is 28B. While a sister size for 34C are 32D, 36B.
So keep this in mind next time you go bra shopping. 

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