How To Dress The Inverted Triangle Body

It’s the festive season and I know every one wants to look their best. And no matter your body type, trust me you can look very sexy and feminine. I talked about the different body types in an earlier post here and I gave a detailed description of the inverted triangle shape, so I will not go into much details in describing the body type because this post is to show how you can dress this body.

Most often than not, when hear the inverted triangle body, the first thing that come across their mind is a masculine body. But that’s a misconception, if you have this body type you can look very feminine and hot if you know the right things to wear. So many models like Naomi Campbell have this body this and always looks so stunning.
I am going to start with things you should not consider wearing if you want to look great. Presently, the hour glass figure is considered the ideal body type, if you want to give the impression of having something close to that body type, then you might want to draw the attention away from your shoulders because it’s the biggest part of your body and it’s already getting enough attention. Below are things you shouldn’t wear and why you shouldn’t wear them.
What Not To Wear At The Top
• Clothes with shoulder pad: You already have a broad shoulder wearing anything with shoulder pad will only make your shoulder look broader. No matter how beautiful the jacket, blouse or dress is, you shouldn’t consider it because it’ll make your broad shoulder look even broader.

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• Clothes with puff shoulder: Clothes with puff shoulder is another style you should not consider because the puff will make your broad shoulders appear broader.

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• Horizontal line tops: Horizontal clothes give a wider illusion, when you wear an horizontal line top, it will make you look wider than usual at the top and that’s something you should avoid.

• Big bold prints tops: Big bold print also gives a wider allusion so you should avoid wearing things like this at the top.

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What Not To Wear At The Bottom
• Vertical line skirt: Vertical lines makes the part of body that is being worn look smaller. So you shouldn’t wear skirts or trousers with vertical line if you don’t want your bottom to look smaller because you have broad shoulders.

• Tapered Skirts: These kind of skirts are very tight and it’ll make it obvious you have a smaller hip. If at all you want to wear this kind of skirts, play with colours and wear bright coloured skirt or play with horizontal stripes because it gives a widening effect.

What to Wear
• Vertical stripe tops: Like I said earlier, vertical lines give smaller appearance. I’ll highly recommend vertical stripes tops for people with this body type because it will give the appearance of a smaller shoulder.

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• Open neck: Dresses like V-neck, scoop neck are perfect for this body shape. You can even add more style if you live the V-neck unbuttoned.

• A-line or full skirts: An a line skirt will give more volume to the bottom part of your body. Making it kind of proportionate to the upper body.

• Bold/thick Texture: Wearing skirts with bold texture will add more volume and bulk to the bottom part of your body

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• Trousers and skirts with pockets or embellishment in the back pocket: This will add some bulk to your bottom, the front pocket will give you more volume in your hip a area.

• Flare gown and skirts: It will give you volume at the bottom part of your body so these gowns and skirts should be your best friend.

• Palazzo and Wide Leg Trousers: This is another outfit that can make you look really stunning if you rock it right.

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Illusion Gown: This type of gown should not leave your wardrobes because it will give an illusion of an hourglass figure.

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• Since you have a waist that isn’t relatively smaller than your hips and shoulders, you should wear clothes that will accentuate your waist. Use a nice belt to flaunt that sexy waist of your. Clothes with banding at the waist, will also give you a nice shape and flaunt the little curves you have.
• You can also wear an halter neck dress or an off shoulder dress, nothing wrong in flaunting those sexy collar bones of yours (if you have any). When trying this out wear a dark coloured light weight top while the bottom should be bright coloured thick texture clothes (make sure the colours can work together).
These and some other things I may not have written are things you should consider next time you want to dress up nice and look very stunning.

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