8 Romantic Things You Can Do With Your Partner This Valentine

It’s the season of love, valentine’s day is the day set aside to celebrate nothing but love. I know a lot of people will say there is no specific time for you to show love to your loved ones. But there’s no harm in just showing nothing but love to that special someone in your life all through that day. Make Valentine’s day memorable for you and your significant other. You don’t have to spend the whole world to make memorable moments with your partner. So I am going to show you some inexpensive things to make this Valentine’s day the best you’ve ever had.

Go To The Cinema: Going the cinema is a romantic inexpensive way to spend valentine’s day. It should be a surprise, don’t let your special someone know where you guys are going and make sure the movie is the one he/she has been longing to see. There’s no better surprise than giving your heartthrob what they want.

Cook Together: Cooking together can be very romantic, because you have the luxury of doing whatever you want to do. Nothing feels better than eating something you made with your partner especially if that’s something you guy don’t normally do, no matter how bad the food might taste even if one of you is a terrible cook, the fun memories of cooking together will always linger in your memories. So cooking dinner after the day’s job is something you might want to try out.

Watch A Movie In Your House: If you’re the type who really love your privacy then you might want to stay back home and recreate the Cinema experience. The advantage of watching movies in your house is that, you have the luxury of doing whatever you want to do without any one giving you a ‘judgy’ look. Close the curtains, switch off the lights, cuddle up and enjoy. You can watch as many movies as you want.

Play Games: Games are very fun things to do. You can play games like cards, ludo, these are nice ways to have fun. Or you can play his favourite game consoles with him, guys find girls that can play his games with to be very sexy and attractive.

Exchange Gifts: What’s Valentine’s day without exchanging gift? Do you know of anything that your partner wants but don’t have it yet? You can just surprise him/her with it (that’s if it’s not above what you can afford). You can scribble down how much your partner means to you and wrap it up along with the present.

Give To Charity: There’s nothing as romantic as when you and your partner puts a smile on someone’s face. You don’t have to have the whole world for you to be able to give to charity, the little you have can change someone’s world. Remember don’t spend more than what you can afford.

Recreate The Scene Of A Very Memorable Moment In Your Life: This can be very romantic, when you recreate memories like first date, first kiss. Doing this will let him/her know you cherish every moment you share with them that’s why you still keep them in your heart.

Seductive Dance: Okay now I’m talking to my ladies, valentine’s day is not complete without going naughty (that’s if you don’t see anything wrong with it, remember don’t let anyone let you do something you’re not comfortable with). Lap dance is something you should learn to how do because it’s sexy and gives you a lot of control over your man. It’s not something you should do every time, just save it for special occasions like this. This very seductive and will most likely lead to ‘sex’ so if you’re not ready for it then don’t go through with it. Here’s a link on how to do a lap dance.

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