How To Give A Lap Dance

First of all, I’d like to define a lap dance so that you can get a clearer picture of it. What’s a lap dance? A lap dance is a very erotic dance performed very close to the the receiver, it typically involves body contact like sitting on the seated receiver’s lap. The main aim of this dance is to get the receiver aroused. So now you have an idea of what lap dance is, if you still want to go through with it, then below are the steps.

Wear Something Sexy: Lap dance is a seductive dance so you should be ready to dress the part (wear something you’re comfortable with). A nice lingerie is okay or you can wear a bum short if you’re too shy to show that much skin.

Choose A Seductive Song: My all time favourite is Beyonce dance for you. It’s slow and just meant for something like this. You can even watch the video and steal some moves from Beyonce.

Seat Your Partner Down: Get him a balanced chair that you both are comfortable with. Make sure the chair is in a spacious place so that you can easily do your moves without any obstructions.

Dance Away From Him: Tease him by dancing seductively away from him and make sure you lock eyes with him.

Walk Round Him: When you do this make sure you make eye contact with him when it’s possible and also make body contact with him as you walk around him by touching him.

Twerk In Front Of Him: After walking round in circles, when you get to his front twerk for him (make sure you’re very close to him and you’re facing away from him). It doesn’t matter how small or big your ass is, shake it for him (he saw it before he asked you out). Still facing away from him, hold the chair and bend a bit until you’re almost touching him, then grind him slowly.

Sit On Your Partner’s Lap: After you’ve walked in circles around him, when you get to his front, sit on his lap. Don’t be stiff when you’re on his lap. Make eye contact with him, press your boobs against his chest. Move your hips in circles while sitting on his lap. Kiss his neck and whisper sweet nothings in his ear.

Remember, make it fun and memorable, it’s not compulsory that you must be perfect in it. Just be free and do not be stiff. You can try out in an empty chair with just you alone if you’re too shy to practice with someone around.

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