Four Reasons She is not Interested in Chatting With You

In this time and age, chatting with people online is a cool way to get know new people or even find that special someone, but sometimes we don’t really get what we want. An average lady online gets quite a lot of unsolicited messages so she has to be really jobless to reply each and every text she is sent. Even though the messages can be quite much, there are still some she replies with so much interest. Have you ever chatted with a lady and she is monosyllabic or doesn’t even reply at all? Below are some possible reasons why she is not enthusiastic about chatting with you:

She’s in a serious relationship: Most times when a lady believes she is in a serious relationship, she tends not to reply some messages and when she does, it’s just because she doesn’t want to be out rightly rude. She becomes monosyllabic because she is not interested in the conversation. She does this because she doesn’t want any room for complications in her relationship. We know that when a guy adds a lady up on social media, he looks beyond being just friends. This as a result might prompt a lady in a relationship, resort to playing a blind eye in order to avoid some unnecessary complications.

She doesn’t Like Your Type: Everyone has a preference when it comes to liking people. When you’re trying to initiate a conversation with a lady and she’s monosyllabic or does not reply at all, then you’re probably not her type. She acts this way because she knows most random guys intention is something more than friendship and wants you to get the hint and stop wasting your time because nothing is ever going to happen between the both of you.

She’s Naturally Rude: There are some girls who are natural snubs, sometimes she may even like you and not be in a relationship but she still snubs you because she believes guys like girls who are difficult to get their attention. If you persist and keep on texting her or maybe you try to inquire why she doesn’t reply your messages, she might even latch out at you.

She Has Some Principles to Keep: They say experience is the best teacher, some girls have had bad experiences due to talking to strangers online while others have heard stories and do not want to be victims. Some have reputation to keep so they do not want to be seen discussing trivial issues with random guys. So this set of girls will most likely not be interested in your chats.

Girls are like an open book, you don’t have to be a genius to read them. Their body language says it all without you stressing yourself. Don’t let a girl get to tell you she doesn’t want you because most often than not, the answers are already there even before she say anything.

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