Things You Should Never Do When He Cheats on You

There are so many things we tolerate in a relationship, but it is okay to say that the majority of people out there don’t like their partner cheating on them because it’s more like a betrayal of trust. It’s very hurting and painful to bear without a payback. Yes! People act differently when cheated on and most times do regret the reactions. Below are things you shouldn’t do when you are hurt;

BLAME YOURSELF: It’s not okay to blame yourself when you are cheated on. Sometimes we end up giving excuses for the guy: “Maybe I’m not cute enough”, “Maybe I’m not romantic enough”, or “Maybe he cheated because I’m not good in bed”. The truth is he would always cheat if he thinks you are not more beautiful or romantic enough nor sexually compatible with him as he wants his woman to be, but instead of leaving, he stayed and broke your trust. It’s never your fault, he rather has commitment issues.

GET DEPRESSED: It’s not worth giving up on yourself for a simple act of someone else’s disloyalty; there are so many men out there who won’t consider cheating on you so why shutting down just because he wasn’t faithful? It’s normal to feel sad when you are hurt but what’s not okay is getting depressed over it. Depression is never a mood you should allow.

BEING IN DENIAL: This is a very hurtful way to deal with the fact that your partner cheated on you. You need to face the reality of what he deed so you can decide your next move carefully.

BLAME THE THIRD PARTY: He’s the one who made commitment to you and he’s the one who broke his promises, so shifting the blame to the third party is a very silly and clueless thing to do. Do not say he cheated on you because of her – that’s you making excuses for him. He had the chance to show trust but he was unfaithful.

WARN THE THIRD PARTY: When you warn or confront the object person, it makes a bigger mess of you. If anyone needs to be cautioned, then it’s your man because the other lady doesn’t owe you any explanation especially when you guys are not married.

If he cheats once, there is always a high chance that he will cheat again. And so just before you let him in again, you might want to learn some lessons from Khloe and Tristan saga.

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