Four categories of ladies (Based on the way they see their partners financially)

Variety is the spice of life; the world would have been very boring without any form of excitement if everyone was the same. There are different types of women; in shapes and sizes but that is not the categorization I am talking about here. This post is based on the mindset of ladies when it comes to their partners money.

Ladies that need your money but don’t want your money : This set of ladies may come from families that are not financially buoyant. They may not necessarily want to take money from you but due to their predicament, they just do because they genuinely need it. If they ask and you don’t give them, they’ll understand because they know it’s not your duty to provide for them.

Ladies that want your money but don’t need your money: Ladies in this category are the ones you can safely tag gold diggers without anyone thinking you’re judgmental. They are greedy. They may not need what they are asking from their partners, they can afford getting what they want on their own without his help, but they already have the mentality that they are entitled to take money from their man because it’s their right. This kind of women date men because of what they can gain. When the money stops flowing, their affections go hiding.

Ladies that want your money and need your money: This group is a combination of the first two; these women genuinely need your money and feel it’s your job to provide for them. They are the type you see asking for advice like “My dad can’t pay my school fees and I asked my boyfriend but he told me he can’t pay my school fees. Is it wrong if I want to end the relationship?”. They also have the feeling of entitlement.

Ladies that don’t want and don’t need your money: Women in this category are what I refer to as the boss ladies; they are what so many men wish for in a partner. These are independent women who work hard and make their own money. They acknowledge the fact that it’s not the responsibility of the man to care for their needs. These ladies can even be of help to their partners if they are down financially. Their love is genuine and unconditional.

Relationship is about making sacrifices for each other. And no matter how financially buoyant your partner is, it’s not wise to put the whole financial burden on the person. It is okay if you want to date someone that is already made but the problem is whether money is the reason you go into a relationship.

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