How to Kiss Properly

Being a good kisser is an important trait to have as someone’s partner, kissing is a very crucial part of romance and it should be done properly whether it’s the first time or you’ve kissed the person several times so that the person will always want more and it will even make them more attracted to you. A good kiss most likely leads to good sex.

On the other hand, being a bad kisser is not a good quality. Most people would rather not be involved with a bad kisser and even if they end up with a bad kisser it’s quiet frustrating because nobody enjoys making out with a slobbery kisser. And not only that, it’s very difficult to tell your partner that he/she is a bad kisser because you don’t want to hurt anyone.

How to Get the Perfect Kiss

Ensure your lips are fresh and moist. Dry, flaky lip is a huge turn off when it comes to kissing, nobody wants another person’s dead skin in their mouth after kissing. Brushing the lips helps remove dead skin and applying lip balm or lip gloss make kissing a lot smoother and enjoyable.

Give hints that you want to be kissed. Looking at the lips of the person you want to kiss is an excellent hint but remember not to stare too much because it can get awkward. A good way to do this is; when talking to the person you want to kiss, look at him/her in the eye and then stray to lip stare briefly and then look at his/her eyes again. You can repeat this and even lick your lips or bite your lips but remember not be robotic and try to add some sexiness to it.

Give nice compliments. There’s a difference between compliments and flattery, the first is a good way to set someone in the mood and make them comfortable, the latter is annoying and a huge turn off for most people. So, when you want to compliment your partner, you should always give genuine praises. “I love your lips”, “you have beautiful eyes”, “I’m so happy to be here with you”, “I really want to kiss those lips”. These are nice things to say and they’re not creepy but, remember not to go overboard with the compliments if not, the person might get irritated.

Start Small. It is always advisable to start small so that you can back out before things gets weird especially if the person doesn’t want it. You can start with a small kiss on the part of the chick close the lips and leave your mouth slightly parted so that they’ll know it’s not just a platonic kiss.

Give it a try. Keep your lips soft and slightly parted, kiss slowly and gently so that you can understand the other persons flow and gauge their interest. Keep the tongue and teeth away for the first time, avoid using teeth and tongue in the first try.

Lock Lips. This is a good way to switch to intense kissing like French kiss. Place your partners lower lips between your lips, change head positions don’t focus on just one side. Spice things up by using your tongue, slightly use the tip of your tongue to play with your partner’s tongue. Bite your partner’s lips, so many people find it sexy. Use your hand and don’t be stiff and just follow the flow.

Things to Avoid

Don’t use too much saliva, most people hate sloppy kisser. Swallow excess saliva so that they don’t find a way to your partner’s mouth.

Don’t talk too much.

Don’t breathe in your partners mouth.

Don’t make too much smacking sound, it can be quite distracting.

How to Kiss Properly

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