Top Classy Outfits for an Occasion 2019

Looking for a fashionable outfit to any occasion/event can be quiet nerve-wracking. It’s either you won’t see a design that you like or you won’t see a design that suits your body type. With this post, you wont have that fear of not seeing what you like or what suits you because I’ve got you covered you covered with beautiful designs that will bring out the best in your body shape even though you’re conservative or daring .

Off Shoulder Gown: This style has been around for a long time and it has definitely come to stay. It is a perfect outfit for those who want to show of there neck, chest and shoulders. It very stylish because you show some skin without showing too much which is sexy.

High Slit: This style is an amazing way to show some skin but this time; you’re showing off those beautiful leg of yours. It very sexy and good outfit for most occasion. Little wonders most A-list celebs have be rocking this style for some time now.

Bell Sleeve Gown: This style adds fun and flare in to your outfit. It’s cool, comfortable and also sophisticated.

Mermaid Gown: This is another lovely style that will make you look elegant and sexy. It’s fits closely to the body through the torso and hips, the mermaid gown (also known as Fishtail) is a classy and sexy way to flaunt those curve.

Photocredit: ryttastyleofficial

If you’re scared of not seeing a fashion designer that can help you pull off this styles, then follow ryttastyleofficial on Instagram.

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