What Happens When You Ask A Guy Out: The Truth Exposed

Liking a guy and not knowing if he feels the same way is a very frustrating situation to be in, it’s a strong dilemma to be in because you don’t know if you should tell him how you feel or just let it go if he does not make any move. If you’ve been or you are in this situation, then you are not alone because this is one question people ask a lot.

Due the sensitive nature of this topic, I did not want to give an answer based on my personal judgment and I also wanted different opinions; so, I did a survey among males and females between the age of 20-32, I will post only a few answers because I don’t want the post to be too lengthy and draw my conclusion based on the answers I got.

What Do People Feel About A Girl Asking A Guy Out?

Below are the questions I asked the males:

  • Will you like a girl to asks you out?
  • How will you treat her if she does?
  • Will you be serious with her?


“Yes… It will make the guy to start acting like a lady when wooed…It’s not weird, it’s awesome, I love it. I will respect her even if I don’t like her, I’ll tell her reasons but not an obvious ‘no’ that would kill her ego and pride… I’ve got some of my best friends today that did that and today even if I couldn’t accept. We’re cool and still best friends till date (although one of them couldn’t afford still being friends, she kept her distance). I’ll take her seriously if I like her.”


“I will like it if a girl asks me out. I will treat her with utmost respect. I will take her very serious with her moves and intentions. Now the thing to worry about is the guy’s mind status: First, am I already set on another lady? If yes, she might just be the next side chick. I may also choose to give her a no-reply and allow her feelings fizzle out. A girl is not emotionally strong to deal with a ‘no’ answer. Please get this right: a ‘NO’ answer is different from a ‘no-reply’. Finally, she might just win me over if I’m not yet set on any lady.”


“Yes, I won’t mind. I’ll treat her no different from previous girls I’ve asked out, with respect even if I’m not into her I’ll just let her know that I’m not ready to be in a relationship. Yes, I will take her seriously”


Below are the questions I asked the females

  • Have you ever liked a guy and ask him out?
  • How did it turn out if you did?
  • Will you recommend asking a guy out to other girls?


“Yes, I’ve liked a guy and asked him out somehow. It took him almost four years to look my way. But it’s best for the guys to do the asking out because if you ask them out, they’ll see you as close to nothing in the long run and take you for granted. Even though not intentionally but they will. You’ll be the one doing the pursuing and doing the major work if they end up with you. It’s a messed-up situation.”


“Yeah, I once asked a guy out because I was fond of him but trust me I was turned down because he said he sees me only as a friend. Gosh, it was very painful though, I totally regretted asking him out. Anyway, we’re still cool friends…it did not destroy our friendship.”


“No, I’ve never asked a guy out directly but I may have indirectly with some suggestive moves. It didn’t really turn out great. Asking a guy out is not something I’ll recommend to any girl.”

My Opinion

After drawing conclusions from the answers of my correspondents and adding what I feel personally to it, if a lady likes a guy, she should give green lights and signals. As a lady, we should know how to give these signals because it’s important. When a guy likes a girl and she is approachable, he’ll most likely ask the girl out. Just the way ladies reject proposals when they don’t like a guy; guys also reject proposals so it’s a 50/50 chance. The best thing to do when you like a guy is give him signals, if he doesn’t ask you out: he probably isn’t into you or not ready to be in a relationship.

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